Bars and Nightclubs

Day or Night, the Lifestyle Holidays Resort offers you a place to ENJOY!

33 bars and 2 nightclubs at the resort

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From morning until dusk, the bars are open!

Enjoy complimentary champagne or a Mimosa as you enter the VIP Pool Area or the new NV VIP Beach, or cozy up to the bars in those areas and order your drink of choice.

Liquors are top shelf and unlimited.  Service extends to the beaches, with delivery of food and beverages to your personal beach bed or chaise lounge.


And at the end of the day…..With the sun down and the gentle breeze blowing from the sea comes the time for some hot dancing in the VIP Disco Lounge or a chance to enjoy the special Bravissimo show (at the OceanWorld Theatre on Thursday nights….all included in your VIP package). If you have the stamina, you can be dancing till dawn!