Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Once you request a reservation and make the required payment, you will receive a confirmation document prepared by Lifestyle Holidays  Resort (operator of the resorts I offer in the Dominican Republic).  This document will confirm the details of your rental and the terms and conditions for your stay.  We advise that no ‘non-refundable’ expenses be incurred (e.g. airline tickets) until you receive and review this document.  It typically takes 48 hours, from the time that your payment is acknowledged to receive this document.

the content of that document is shown below.  Note that terms and conditions can change without notice so even if you have reviewed this copy, it is important to review the one you will receive when you confirm a booking.

Terms and Conditions for rental of

Lifestyle Holidays property in Puerto Plata or Punta Cana


Bracelet Information

Every registered guest will receive a colored bracelet confirming the level of access they have within the resort.  (see your invoice for the color and level of the bracelet included with your rental).


 Any guests that you should wish to join you in resort that are not included in this confirmation will be subject to a daily charge US$100 (in Punta Cana) or $200 (in Puerto Plata) and will be issued with a NON-VIP bracelet for the entire stay.

Please note that our bracelets are re-usable and must be returned upon check-out: for each bracelet that is lost or returned broken or damaged, US$100 will be charged per bracelet

Should the size of your party increase from the number shown on your completed reservation and deposit form and the confirmation above you will be required to make additional reservations for other accommodations. You will be required to give the names and arrival times of any guests joining you that are included in this confirmation to the reception upon your check in so that they may receive VIP bracelets.

 Important Information


Your All Inclusive will be US$XX.00 (refer to your invoice for price quote) per person per day. Children aged up to 3 are free, children between the ages of 3 and up to 12 years are 50% off the adult rate, and children aged 12 and above are charged at the adults’ rate. Please be advised that in order to receive the reduced children’s all-inclusive rate, photo identification will need to be provided. Should you be unable to provide identification the adult all-inclusive rate will be charged.

Should you decide to leave the resort earlier than your departure date above, you will NOT receive a refund of the all-inclusive or Service fees paid.

Also please find below confirmation of the resort’s check-in and check-out schedule for all accommodations:


Please note that the check-in time for all accommodations is 3pm.


In Tropical the Check-out time is 1pm- Every hour after this is $10.00 per hour, per unit

In Villas / Presidential Suites / Crown Suites the Check-out time is 11.30am- Every hour after this is $20.00 per hour, per unit

Late Checkout must be requested at the check-in with the hotel directly and will depend on hotel availability, this is allowed until 3pm


Please find that once a booking has been confirmed you may only make alterations by giving 3 months’ notice prior to your arrival date. This includes but is not limited to party size, dates, names and accommodation. We can accept alterations of 2-3 day movement of the confirmed booking to accommodate flight changes .All alterations are subject to availability.

Reservations made using a Shareholder Voucher cannot be altered to another year.  No exceptions will be made.  All reservations, date alterations, should be within the calendar year corresponding to the voucher being utilized.


Cancellation of a confirmed booking more than 3 months prior to arrival will receive a full Service Fee accreditation. Cancellation between 3 months and 1 month prior to arrival will receive a 50% Service Fee accreditation. Any cancellation 1 month prior to arrival and the Service Fee will be forfeited in its entirety.  NOTE:  there is a 10% cancellation fee applied to all cancellations (10% of whatever you have paid at time of cancellation)

Resort Regulations

  • Absolutely no pets are allowed in the unit or on property grounds. This includes pets left in vehicles. Violations will result in charges for additional cleaning.
  • There must be a responsible member or guest of the traveling party of at least 18 years of age present for the entire duration of the vacation. Proof of age may be required.
  • Only the person on the confirmation may check-in at the property. For any change to the check-in name, you must contact Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club as soon as possible.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reserves the right to relocate a confirmed member / guest in alternative accommodations.
  • Over-occupancy of the unit size confirmed will result in an upgrade fee and/or refusal of the extra persons from checking-in. Current upgrade fee is $200.00 p/p/p/n
  • Under Occupancy of a unit can result in the relocation of a confirmed member / guest reservation. This is based on an a minimum occupancy of 2 per room.
  • Members are responsible for actions taken by children and guests accompanying them in accommodations provided by Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.
  • Opting out of the A/I must be requested in writing at the time of making the reservation, failure to do so will mean the all-inclusive is mandatory.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property for any reason. If any damage should occur while you are occupying the unit, you must notify the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club customer service department immediately. You are responsible for any fees charged due to damage, should you not pay this at check out this will remain as a pending balance on your account and will affect your ability to make reservations.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club cannot guarantee the view from any units or the location of any units within the resort. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club cannot guarantee a specific location or accommodation requested.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is not liable for any cost incurred due to a cancelled or rescheduled flight provided by an independent airline carrier.
  • Please be aware that every Christmas and New Year there is a mandatory supplement which must be paid by all persons at check in, the rate is subject to change yearly.  Any persons refusing to pay will not be permitted to check-in.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reserves the right to deny the addition of extra guests to any reservations over a “stop sale” or “limited availability” period.
  • Lifestyle holidays Vacation Club reserves the right to relocate any “no show” reservation.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guest access policy: Any member requiring additional guest access to the resort must notify the customer service department 24 hours prior to arrival. All guests are subject to additional fees and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also has the right to refuse access or restrict access.
  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reserves the right to remove members or guests from the resort should their behavior be deemed unacceptable by the vacation club and other members or guests.
  • Please be advised that the all-inclusive is mandatory for guests of members.