If you are ready to book accommodations, I am happy to help you.  It is a two-step process.

First you must let me know (using the contact form on this website or call me).  I will respond quickly with a ‘soft booking’ confirmation and a reservation number from my system, based upon the availability information I have from the resort.  I will submit your request to the resort.

Step two is the confirmation from the resort, with a confirmation number.  See the Reservation Process page for more details.

The Lifestyle Holidays Resort works with a color-coded ‘bracelet’ system for guests.  The bracelet color and design determine the level of access you have to the various pools, beaches, restaurant, bars and services.

The resort offers standard reservations through vacation exchanges, like RCI, as well as online reservations.  These are typically not VIP reservations (so they are tan or yellow bracelets).

Other guests will obtain their reservations through members and shareholders.  The level of ownership that a member or shareholder has is important because that determines the level of bracelet (and service) that the guest can enjoy.

I offer only VIP bracelets.

Benefits Included with your rental
Access to VIP and new NV-VIP Beach
Ocean World(one day pass per person per stay)
International Beverages (Top Shelf Liquors) in Restaurants and 1 Bottle Per Person
Golf Cart in Villa
Access to all restaurants (restriction on Jazz and Azul – see restaurant page)
BBQ in Villa
Airport Transport from/to Puerto Plata (POP) included
Golf Included (9 holes, Los Mangos Golf Course Greens Fees)
30% off Spa Treatments
Sunday Night VIP Welcome Party
Thursday Night Bravissimo Show